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Hello CCDA Members,

The year 2020 brings to mind my years racing on Dillon Lake.  Each weekend my fellow sailors and I would prepare for turbulent waters and uncertain conditions.  The regattas instilled the desire to cross that finish line, which we did with enthusiasm and mental acuity.  The storms weathered, the finished races, always provided the team a sense of accomplishment.

Change in the way we provide services is crucial if we are to navigate the waters and unpredictable turbulence of the global Covid-19 epidemic and reckoning of social justice.  This is a time when we will need the enthusiasm and mental acuity to race against the social storm and acculturation, finishing with a society that can provide a workforce composition that will have a profound and long-term effect.

CCDA is here to support practitioners and educators through these challenging times.  We will continue to bring valuable resources to boost professional growth and stimulate an atmosphere of understanding how this new world impacts our profession. 

Our goals this year are two-fold.  First, creating larger virtual events and webinar deliveries providing opportunities for professional development.  Next, continue preserving our resources and reach out to our constituencies to promote a sense of community, provide valuable resources to all, and connect with communities that inspire and empower individuals to achieve their career and life goals.

As professionals, the work we do has always been meaningful and impactful.  We now have the opportunity to advocate for change through working with and understanding the needs of our diverse population.  Every regatta requires the participants to be alert, to recharge.  As ambassadors of encouragement, hope, power and optimism for our students and clients, this recharging, this self-care, is vital.  We must always find time to relax into the other activities we love.  This will give the energy to weather this storm and accomplish our goals.

It is my pleasure to serve you as President of the Colorado Career Development Association.  Thank you for the opportunity to captain the boat as we tack and jib through the interesting winds of change.

Karen Adducci

CCDA President

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