Conference Concluded

Our Fall 2023 Conference has concluded.

Attendees, please check your email for recordings and resources shared from the conference.

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Friday, October 20, 2023 · 8:30am - 2:30pm (MT) · Virtual (Zoom)

A collaborative event with New Jersey Career Development Association and Louisiana Career Development Association!

Conference Schedule

*Times listed are Mountain Time. Attendees are eligible to earn up to 4 CEUs through NCDA.

 8:30am   Presidents' Welcome
8:45am - 9:20am   Community Building between CDAs
 9:20am - 10:20am   Keynote Session with JP Michel
   The Challenge Mindset 
 10:20am - 10:30am   Break 
 10:30am - 11:00am   Keynote Workshop with JP Michel 
 11:00am - 12:00pm   Lunch Break 
 12:00pm - 12:30pm   Topical Discussion Groups (select from list below)
12:30pm - 1:30pm

   Keynote Session with Jeremy Schifeling
   ChatGPT for Career Coaches 

 1:30pm - 1:35pm   Break 
 1:35pm - 2:05pm   Future of Work Reflection
 2:05pm - 2:30pm   Closing Remarks & CDA Announcements

Attending the full conference will give you a chance to win a copy of Jeremy Schifeling's best selling book, Career Coach GPT!

Gif of Jeremy Shifeling's book, Career Coach GPT.

The Challenge Mindset

Session Description

Flip the model: Innovation in career exploration

Many students think they need to pick one job title, for the rest of their lives. Career services are helping these students to flip the model: they explore challenges they want to work on, instead of job titles to fit into. Discover how leading post-secondary institutions are creating innovative activities to help students prepare for purposeful careers.

Headshot of JP Michel. JP is wearing glasses with clear frames, a light denim colored blazer and white button down shirt.Presenter Bio

JP Michel is the creator of the Challenge mindset and the Challenge Cards, which have been used by more than 70,000 students around the world. His past consultancy work with leaders led to the creation of SparkPath, an innovative career exploration company spotlighted on the Forbes, TEDx, CBC and BBC. Recognized as the 2022 Outstanding Career Leader by the Career Professionals of Canada, JP's holds a degree in psychology from the University of Ottawa and a master's degree in industrial-organizational psychology from the University of Manchester.

Topical Discussion Groups

In these virtual discussion rooms, we will be diving into topics that we face in career development. Join one of the groups that sparks your curiosity; you may have knowledge to share or questions to pose. A facilitator will help guide the discussions with questions to start the conversation as well as a few resources to further your knowledge and to stimulate insight development. Please choose a topic and join the breakout room:

  • Perfectionism. Perfectionism is the process of caring deeply about one's work and striving to never make errors. While this mindset can result in a good work ethic, it can also limit an individual's professional performance and cause stress.
  • Imposter Syndrome. Imposter syndrome is a sense of self-doubt related to work accomplishments. You might have feelings of phoniness and think you don't deserve your job. Oftentimes, imposter syndrome makes you feel like you're tricking your coworkers into thinking you're good at your job.
  • Cultural Competencies & Inclusive Services. Through education and exposure, comes ability and understanding. Through educating and exposing employees to other ideas and other experiences, employees can work to increase their increase in cultural competence.
  • Decolonizing Career Counseling. Decolonization is the process of deconstructing colonial ideologies of the superiority and privilege of Western thought and approaches. On the one hand, decolonization involves dismantling structures that perpetuate the status quo and addressing unbalanced power dynamics.
  • Interventions & Activities. Career interventions take several forms. The most common include career counseling, assessment interpretation, group counseling, group assessment interpretation, career workshops, career classes, computer-assisted career guidance systems, and counselor-free interventions.
  • Social Media Trends - Beyond LinkedIn. Using other platforms for social media.
  • Career Development Theories & Practices. Career development is the process through which people come to understand them as they relate to the world of work and their role in it.
  • Values Based Job Search Strategies. To identify your core values, you can use tools such as a values assessment, which is a questionnaire or list of values that you can rank or rate according to your preferences; a values clarification exercise, which is a process of reflecting on your past experiences and identifying the values that influenced them.

ChatGPT for Career Coaches

Session Description

Providing specific career advice for each student, alum, or client is a monumental task - especially when you serve hundreds or thousands of job-seekers. But ChatGPT is a chance to fundamentally reshape that equation, leveraging your existing coaching expertise in concert with this new technology to dramatically scale up your impact. So join a former LinkedIn insider and ChatGPT power user to discover:

  • What ChatGPT can do for you - from helping your clientele find the perfect path to helping you work more effectively than ever
  • How to guide your audience in this evolving world - by understanding exactly what ChatGPT can do and what it can’t
  • A hands-on guide to making it work for you - via live demos, roleplays, and Q&A so you walk away with everything you need to leverage this powerful tool

Headshot of Jeremy Schifeling. Jeremy is wearing glasses and a dark colored sweater.Presenter Bio

Jeremy Schifeling has devoted his career to helping others succeed in theirs. From teaching kindergarten in Brooklyn to recruiting top students at Teach For America to leading education marketing at LinkedIn, he’s touched the lives of millions of people at every stage of their journeys. Along the way, he’s published the best-selling LinkedIn book on Amazon, served as a career coach for military veterans at and MBA students at the University of Michigan, and produced the most-viewed video in LinkedIn’s history. He currently leads marketing at Khan Academy and shares his best career hacks on

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