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Our Spring 2024 Training has concluded.

Please see below for details about the event and each session.

CCDA Spring Training: Identity & Career Decision Making. Register today!

Date, Time & Location

Identity & Career

Decision Making

Friday, April 26, 2024 · 9:30am–3:30pm
Broomfield Community Center
(280 Spader Way, Broomfield, CO 80020)

Attendees can earn 4 CEUs by attending the entire training! More details will be provided the day-of.


9:00am–9:30am     Check-in & Coffee
9:30am–9:40am     President's Welcome
9:40am–10:25am     Keynote Session with Dr. Lakeisha Mathews
10:25am–10:35am     Break
10:35am–11:15am     Keynote Workshop
11:20am–12:05pm     Breakout Session 1
12:05pm–1:00pm     Lunch & Door Prizes
1:00pm–1:45pm     Breakout Session 2
1:45pm–1:55pm     Break
2:00pm–2:45pm     Breakout Session 3
2:45pm–2:55pm     Break
2:55pm–3:30pm     Closing, Awards, Door Prizes & Announcements
3:30pm     Optional Happy Hour at Wonderland Brewing 🍻

Crystallized Career Choices: The Intersection of Identity & Career Decision Making

Keynote Session & Workshop

Clients do not make career choices in a vacuum. Identity development and intersectionality play a large role in the careers clients choose and in the paths, they opt to avoid. This session will explore identity variables that impact career decision making and the complexity involved with helping clients crystalize career decisions.

Dr. Lakeisha Mathews headshot.Lakeisha Mathews, Ed.D., MS, CCSP
Director, Career & Professional Development Center at University of Baltimore
Owner, Right Resumes & Career Coaching, LLC

Lakeisha Mathews is Director of the Career and Professional Development Center at the University of Baltimore and is also the owner of a career coaching business called Right Resumes & Career Coaching, LLC which she launched in 2012.

Mrs. Mathews holds several industry certifications as a Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP), Certified Professional Career Coach, Certified Professional Resume Writer, Global Career Development Facilitator, Certified Business and Employer Services Professional, and is certified to teach Etiquette to Adults and Professionals. She received her M.S. in Human Resource Development from Towson University and a B.A. in Communication from the University of Maryland College Park. Lakeisha is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Education in Higher Education Leadership and Innovation from Wilmington University.

Lakeisha is committed to the field of career development and has served on several association committees. In 2011, she was elected as president of the Maryland Career Development Association. Under her direction MCDA was honored with the 2012 NCDA Southern Region Award. In 2016, Lakeisha co-authored a chapter in the book Find Your Fit, published by the Association of Talent Development.

Lakeisha is a native of Baltimore, MD and seeks to give back to the greater Baltimore community by serving on non-profit boards and supporting workforce programs. Lakeisha has provided pro bono employability skills training to disadvantaged youth and currently partners with the Baltimore City Youth Works program and Cristo Rey Jesuit High School to provide work opportunities for at-risk youth.

Of most importance is Lakeisha’s student-centered approach to career services. Hearing student success stories continues to be the favorite part of her job as a Higher Education Administrator, Educator and Career Coach!

Breakout Session Descriptions

Attendees will have the option to select three different breakout sessions to attend as part of the Spring Training. Each session will only be offered once—find session titles and descriptions below!

Breakout Session 1 Options

Select one of the following sessions to attend for the first set of breakouts, between 11:20am–12:05pm:

5 Degrees of Career Transition: Getting at the root motivation to determine a more purposeful career shift

Andrea Karapas, College of Business at Colorado State University
Crawford Room 1

The 5 Degrees of Career Transition is a model developed to support clients in reflecting on their motivations for change to determine the best path forward. This presentation will walk career practitioners through the premise of the model and how it can support clients in identifying an appropriate degree of career transition through a thorough examination of bright spots and pain points. It’s a practical approach that gives clients more options beyond the common “career overhaul” that clients present with when they’re experiencing dissatisfaction in their work. This model moves career transition clients into a more intentional and meaningful process that likely lessens the degree of transition with fewer gaps to fill.

Addressing Impostor Syndrome

Chrysta Bairre, Live Love Work
Crawford Room 2

Do you experience self-doubt about your work, your success, or your accomplishments?

Impostor Syndrome is at the core of identity and how you see yourself and how you allow yourself to be seen. Impostor Syndrome is more common than you think, especially among women and high achievers, with some estimates suggesting as many as 70% of successful people experience Impostor Syndrome causing self-doubt, stress, anxiety, and not reaching their full potential. In this session we'll cover how Impostor Syndrome shows up in life and work, as well as tips and tools to overcome Impostor Syndrome so it doesn't stop you from taking up your space in the world and enjoying the success you desire!

Developing a Job Framework

Linda Sollars, MA, CMCS, GCDFi, Creating Purpose, LLC
Crawford Room 3

The Framework is a clear working document that is used in informational interviews, developing resumes and creating content on LinkedIn, as well as creating categories that can be used on job search sites. This has been an extremely helpful document for anyone in transition, from graduating seniors to mid-life and beyond.

Community Building Session
Elmwood Room 1

This session is for open discussion and community building among attendees.

Breakout Session 2 Options

Select one of the following sessions to attend for the second set of breakouts, between 1:00pm–1:45pm:

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR): Identity and career decision making

Jeff Sidders, Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation - Northern Colorado
Crawford Room 1

An overview of and conversation about how the State's Talent Development Program for individuals with disabilities empowers career decision making. We'll touch on how the blending of cultural factors, world view, and life experiences informs the way each career seeker self identifies as a person with a disability. We'll delve into how identity is promoted in career decision making, and how identity may even shift over time as career seekers gain new experiences and perspectives as working professionals.

What about Company Culture?: Centering organizational fit in student job search conversations
Brooke Nelson & Tzigane Martin, University of Colorado at Boulder
Crawford Room 2

When it comes to career development training, assessing company culture and fit is too often overlooked, undervalued, and left out from career centers’ advertised services. We’ll explain the importance of bringing this topic to the forefront of career conversations, and supply various tools and resources needed to begin implementing at your colleges.

Identify as Happy: How to coach clients to enhance their wellbeing and why doing so will improve their job search and overall career success

Jordan Maness, Division of Continuing Education at the University of Colorado at Boulder
Crawford Room 3

How often have you found yourself desperately trying to coach your client through a successful job search or career transition only to find progress has totally stalled? Often times we focus on career issues but neglect coaching our clients on some foundational wellbeing strategies. The science says that people with higher levels of wellbeing have more success in other areas of their lives (including career). Thus, as career coaches, we can be more successful if we share with our clients what the research shows leads to thriving in life. Come to this fun and fast-moving workshop to learn the basics of Thriving 101 so you can better help your clients and/or apply the concepts to your own life!

Community Building Session
Elmwood Room 1

This session is for open discussion and community building among attendees.

Breakout Session 3 Options
Select one of the following sessions to attend for the last set of breakouts, between 2:00pm–2:45pm:

Empowering Career Decisions with My Colorado Journey

Kwizi Ndogole & Aziz Vahobov, The Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC)
Crawford Room 1

My Colorado Journey (MCJ) connects job seekers and students to careers, education planning, and support resources through a guided process that drives action and goal completion. This platform is beneficial for those who need help with career decisions and those who provide support, education, and navigation within career choices for students, job seekers, and any person in a stage of career change. My Colorado Journey provides user-friendly, personalized information to explore developmentally appropriate career pathways. In this presentation, we will be discussing how My Colorado Journey can support career decision-making. As apprentices, we have unique perspectives on what our careers can look like, and are excited to share our view on this tool. We will highlight the industries we have in MCJ and how people can utilize it to start in a new industry pathway or move toward higher roles in those pathways. Attendees will be able to learn about the process of building career pathways in MCJ and how sector partnerships and collaborations between business, educational institutions, government, and other stakeholders help CWDC build career pathways. This is an excellent opportunity for the participant to contemplate and discuss how they can integrate or optimize the use of MCJ in their professional endeavors and how they can help the communities they serve to benefit from the platform.

Navigating Career Success: Addressing career development challenges for New Americans

Jenny Jessup, Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning
Crawford Room 2

This breakout session offers practical insights and strategies for effectively supporting New Americans in navigating their career development. Through real-life case studies, participants will explore the unique challenges faced by this demographic and discuss strategies that enhance career services, cultural competence, and communication skills. Attendees will gain valuable tools and resources to better equip themselves in providing career and workforce support services to New Americans, especially adult populations, ultimately empowering this population to overcome barriers, enrich our communities, and achieve their professional aspirations.

Empower Career Decision Making in the midst of Self-doubt and Systemic Barriers

Kristi Wasson, University of Colorado at Boulder
Crawford Room 3

While it can feel empowering and relieving to make a career decision … taking steps to enact the decision can feel equally overwhelming and challenging. For some of us, self - limiting beliefs including imposter syndrome negatively impact our ability to achieve a goal, and for others, especially members of underrepresented and historically marginalized populations, systemic issues including access hinder career goal attainment. Attend this highly interactive session to gain more clarity on what might be holding you (or your students/clients) back from taking the leap and pursuing your next career. Collectively, we will engage with this topic on an individual and systemic level in terms of limitations and strategies for addressing those limitations.

Finding Your Why: Skills as the bridge between transition and identity

Haley Harbaugh, Cowrie Talent Solutions, LLC
Elmwood Room 1

Have you seen an uptick in client inquiries around career transition? Unsure where to start to dig into career transition conversations? This session focuses on a powerful tool: identifying the "Why" and leveraging skills as the bridge to a strong career identity. We'll explore how uncovering the core values, motivations, and aspirations behind career choices can lead to more successful transitions and fulfilling careers. Discover how skills assessments and self-reflection exercises can unveil hidden strengths and interests, illuminating a path towards a meaningful career identity. We'll delve into practical coaching strategies to guide clients in exploring their "Why," harnessing their unique skills to bridge the gap between desired roles and current realities. Leave equipped with valuable tools and practices to empower your clients and yourself in navigating career transitions with purpose and clarity.

Celebrate a New Connections & Learnings at Happy Hour! 🍻

A glass of Wonderland Brewing's beer with some tacos on a patio table.Unwind and network with fellow attendees at our optional happy hour following the Spring Training!

Head over to Wonderland Brewing Company (5450 W 120th Ave, Broomfield, CO 80020) immediately following the training for refreshing drinks, engaging conversations, and a chance to connect with colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. Don't miss out on this opportunity to extend your networking beyond the conference sessions and make meaningful connections!

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