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Submit an article for the January CCDA Newsletter

  • 01/06/2014
  • Submit to dan.macy@rrcc.edu

Our Winter CCDA Newsletter, The Connection: Engaging the Career Development Community of Colorado, will be published on January 15th. 

Your deadline for submissions will be January 6 (deadline extended!).
Please consider contributing and sharing your expertise:

  • Write an article (guidelines below)
  • Write a short article/blog
  • Write a case study
  • Write a review: book, or professional resource
  • Professional profile of a career development practitioner
  • Share job search tips and strategies
  • Write an anecdote
  • Contribute a thoughtful  or inspiring quote
  • Contribute career related humor or a cartoon

Consider the benefits of contributing:

  • Warm up article for NCDA Career Convergence
  • Be a published writer
  • Be recognized at CCDA Conference (lightening round)
  • Add to your resume
  • Way to brand your private practice
  • Write a precursor of a presentation for a CCDA or NCDA Conference
  • Share your knowledge and expertise with your colleagues
  • Develop your writing skills
  • If you teach a GCDF class or a graduate career counseling class consider asking you students to write an article

Guidelines for article submissions: 

  • Consider your audience (grad students, private practice, Workforce Development & P-20 Education)
  • Possible topics: Trends, “how-to,” best practices, case studies, assessment reviews, and training reviews
  • Articles will be no more than 500 words
  • Blog posts will be no more than 200 words
  • Authors of articles will include a short bio
  • As editor please be aware that I will possibly be editing your submissions
  • Style: Write in a friendly and informative style in an active voice.  Use appropriate references. 
  • For case studies honor  confidentiality.
  • For book reviews focus on quality of contents, key points and illustrate strengths and what may be lacking. 
  • Use good taste and demonstrate inclusivity.

Submit your articles and contributions to CCDA Newsletter Editor - Dan Macy, dan.macy@rrcc.edu by December 31st.

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